Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Renewed Spirit

Well, after long deliberation, I think I figured out why I actually gained instead of lost this week.  I think it had to do with drinking WAY too much water after being in the sauna just before the meeting and a bit of muscle gain.  I have noticed a major change in my bodys shape and so have several of my clients.  My calves have toned up noticeably (they weren't really fatty anyways but to see them firm again is nice).  Also, my clothes are fitting better.  My scrubs aren't as tight on my tummy as they were. 

It was hard to see my weight up instead of down.  I guess I'm really hoping to go down a whole lot more than what I did.  After some great talks with a few friends, I realized the above.  (guess I should have started out here rather than the other).  Its been really nice to have such support that I didn't have before. 

I did my first day of my new workout program and did my upper body.  I cleared my mind and worked up a sweat.  I did the TABOO too.  I weighed myself at the gym again.  It had said 236.6 (which Weight Watchers had said I was 235.6).  Well, today it said I was 234.6.  Down two pounds.  YOOOHOOO!!!!  Maybe I was just holding the weight and my crazy self had drank three bottles of water at the gym. 

My hubby is thinking I'm crazy for going to the gym 7 days a week, but at this point, I want to.  The gym gives me time to think, work out my frustrations, and gives me time to work on my goal.  One of my best girlfriends and I have set goals, and will work towards them together (even though she is 8 hours away).  Our prize?  Well, we decided we were going to go buy a new outfit and have a night at the casino!!!!!  Our goal is set for November.  Mine wasn't really a weight goal, but more of a life goal.  I want to run again.  Running for me was like someone addicted to alchol.  I love to run.  It made me happy.  I was always in a good mood afterwards and it gave me the time to clear my mind along with all the stressors in my life.  It was a way I could think out my problems and usually find the solutions also. I do have the weight goal to be about 180 around that time.

My spirit has been renewed after taking the time to think about everything and really looking at what was going on.  Weight isn't everything.  THIS IS MY LIFE I'm changing.  I'm going to better myself, my life, my kids' lives, and the peoples lives that I affect.  I know that sounds weird but everytime we come into contact with others, we change their lives whether we want to or not.  Sometimes we make a positive impact, but othertimes, we don't.  I want to be the postitive change.  I want to be the one that people think of as happy and positive.  I want to be the one that my kids run to play with, the one they want to go shopping with, the one they look up to and say "YA thats my mom!"  

Thanks for believing in me even when I have a hard time believing in myself!!!!!!!!!!!!

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