Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Down a bit.....

It seems like forever since I've posted. Lifes gotten a bit hectic. My grandma has been back in the hospital and gotten out. I'm feeling a bit depressed. I'm trying to kick it but it seems like it keeps pulling me down this last week. Not sure what is the cause.

"Depression isn't a sign of weakness. Its a sign that you've been to strong for too long".

I'm finding I'm eating more than is necessary. Not over eating by any means, but eating more than normal. I'm thinking its bcauseim trying to compensate for something but it feels like I'm going out of control. I'm still under my points for the days but its becoming hard. Guess its going to be the first bump in the road. I wish I could kick it quick.

I ddnt make I to he gym this weekend but I did a little. Yesterday I kicked te gym to the side, did a few errands, and went home & spent the afternoon with my kids. I kinda regret not going. :( I'm going to go to Zumba tonight and hopefully get a kick butt workout in. I'm debating trying to climb stairs. I've got a place to do it but I'm so scared of my knee going out on me.

So far my knee has been good to me and hasn't given me too many fits. Biofreeze has been able to help whatever pain I've had. I'm surprised with all the crap it has given me in my past. God has been good to me!

I'm a bitsdisappointed in my weight loss for this week but I guess I've expected more. I've been trying so hard. I keep reminding myself that I didn't put it on overnight, and I'm not going to lose it over night. I'm down 21 pounds in 7 weeks. Not too bad really but was really hoping to be more. Just going to have to step it up more. Life at home isn't helping with this. I feel like I'm constantly moving & constantly tired. Tryin to find the correct balance so that this is a permant change. I know going to the gym makes me feel better and I'm in a better mood but I don't always want to go. It has become the habit but it doesn't mean that I don't struggle with myself to get my butt to the gym. When I struggle with going, I try to think of how loose my clothes are getting, how my face is thinning out, how I can see more curves in my body. These things motivate me. yes, they seem silly but it works.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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